Special packaging products and ideas

A wide range of possibilities to find the most suitable alternative in terms of design, colour, finishings, reflections, words.

An eye-catching choice, of impact and easy identification on the shelves.

A fitting detail for the aesthetic enhancement of your product, with the full transmission of the gift concept.



Resistant and environment friendly.

Film obtained from renewable natural raw materials.


Respect for the environment is a concrete topic that unites everyone and BOLISLIFE® introduces an innovative generation of sustainable ribbons and decorative papers that are very respectful of the environment.

The new film, the basis of the corresponding ribbons, bows, stars, raffia, is obtained from natural raw materials with an exclusive production process and is an absolute novelty in the sector respecting the most important European regulations in this regard.

A touch of minimalism makes the product and its packaging even more distinctive by using materials that are equally compatible with the environment.

BOLISLIFE® is biodegradable and compostable, water and dust proof.

BOLISLIFE® is respect for life also for the world of gift wrapping!


A line of decorative ribbons specifically studied for the most natural environmental care.

This is the eco-friendly material 'par excellence' properly treated for ensuring stability, tactile sensation and subsequent workability.

This line includes star-bows, pull-bows and, it goes without saying, the decorative ribbon.


The unparalleled qualities of foamed polypropylene film

At the base of Bolis's many creations, is the foamed polypropylene film, capable of shining in the same way as silk, due to its silky appearance.

In addition to reverberating light in a unique way, the film boasts an excellent value for money and it features an optimal tensile strength.

It can also be easily embossed, laminated, metallised, rolled up and printed.

But the varied characteristics of this material do not certainly end here!

Foamed polypropylene film can be slit in narrow or large strips, it is available in jumbo rolls or pancake, in variable lengths and weights, in different foam levels and endless variants and subsequent colour shades.

Bolis's capability of customising any creation starts exactly from the polypropylene film's considerable flexibility.


Decorative ribbons do complete a special gift

The decorative ribbon - basic, fantasy, raphia, embossed, in fabrics, printed, metallised, glitter, hot print, matt, or custom printing - represents the final touch for a smart package since it harmoniously finishes packaging.

Particularly precious and recommended for customizations featuring trademarks or relief drawings to choose at will, ribbons give the package an elegant craftsmanship.

Thanks to their reflective effects, light games and the intense luminosity they emanate, Bolis's decorative ribbons arouse suggestive emotions in the observers, and so the act of purchase is charged with unparelled pathos. This effect that is unique on purchasers originates from Bolis's years of experience in this field. Bolis has contributed to the evolution and deep innovation of decorative ribbons' look in the course of its history.

For those who have little practical sense, Ricciolis®, Bolis patented decorative ribbon in polipropylene is the right solution: you just have to touch it and it is self-curling.

Also Raphia Synthetic is another interesting product of Bolis: it is the evolution of the ribbon that replaces vegetable raphia in the packaging field. It is naturally irregular, dust- and water-proof, pleasant to the touch, with a perfect volume and last but not least, easy to process.


Choosing a special one means customising your emotions

Automatic or hand-made bows: industrial quality, hand-crafted effect.

Of every shape, shade and finish, bows further customise packages, conveying unforgettable sensations. Bolis's creativity indulges in proposing bows with increasingly unusual looks with reflections, trademarks and finishes that have never been tested in the past.

Bolis's wide experience in the ribbon field obviously includes the world of bows, real creations originating from years of studies and researches. For instance the brand new Twice solutions increase the 3D nature of the bow, highlighting its charm.

But practicalness as well can be implemented: bows ready to be applied or those that feature an automatic and efficient opening on packaging, facilitate the gift wrapping act, above all when dexterity is poor or you are simply in a hurry.

Bows, such as ribbons, are largely customizable by Bolis: anyone can create their own customized bow.


The irreplaceable charm of paper to wrap your feelings

Paper has always been the container par excellence within the giftwrapping.

Papers of all kinds - simple, processed, vintage, glossy, coated, metallised, recycled - in endless varieties of colour, patterns, shapes and graphic elements - offer imagination plenty of creative opportunities and possibilities of realisation.

Printable on one or both sides, Bolis gift papers are often double sided, thus highly functional and versatile as well a not-see-through with effects of remarkable originality: in any case they are always available in plenty of lengths and weights.

Bolis paper is higly cost-effective, it can be customised and the end result can only be an unforgettable packaging, capable of enhancing worthily any product, from every industry sector.

FSC® and PEFC certified products available on request.


Shopping bags represent the evolution of the gift concept, above all due to their practicalness both in terms of transport and presentation of the gift. Bolis offers shoppers with a huge range of paper supports, finishes, sizes, colours.

Yet Bolis, for this packaging typology as well, has gone beyond, joining in harmonious synergy paper with ribbon and offering users the chance of developing a gift package in 7 seconds only!

It seems impossible, but with Svelto®Shopper it is!

By a pleasant hand wave the handle makes a real bow of decorative ribbon perfectly in harmony with the shopper's paper.

By this Bolis patent, the synergy and the practicality reach the highest level:

  • it's a new concept for packing and carrying the presents;

  • a real fresh ribbon's bow is magically made without using glues or adhesives;

  • it conveys pleasure and surprise to those who prepare or assist to the gift wrapping operation;

  • to prepare a classic gift wrapping package, with a pull-bow or curling ribbon, an experienced person takes 70 seconds on average. Using the Svelto®Shopper anyone can prepare it in 7 seconds only.


New semi-finished product coming from a recent Bolis research project.

The Texly® consists of a stratification of different materials and represents a new frontier in the high and mid-range decorative ribbon industry.

Light, lightness, resistance, workability and applications never conceived before are the key factors of this novelty. The main features are:

  • appearance of a new material with intermediate sensations between a textile and a compact ribbon, with incredible and refined multicolour glares to be seized in full sun light, spotlight or LED;

  • both physical and visual lightness with unique transparencies, new tactile sensations, high loops steadiness, double face;

  • significant longitudinal and lateral resistance, it doesn't fray, also waterproof;

  • thickness 150 microns +/-5%, weight 55 g/sqm +/-5%.



Green Impressions

A gift must be well-presented by conveying the giver's or receiver's personality.

A symbolic act that must respect the environment and the used resources in line with the latest regulations and trends.

The entire Bolis SpA Collection complies with the regulations by producing semifinished and finished products that are:

completely recyclable

PaperMade made of natural cellulose paper

BOLISLIFE® derived from natural raw materials, and thus compostable

The experience is here reinforced with the most distinctive products for a gift wrapping completely designed and produced in the company and spread around the world continuously for over 90 years.

MODERN TRADE collection

Gift wrapping proposals for innovative sales

MODERN TRADE collection collects gift wrapping proposals for large-scale distribution and innovative sales activities.

An experience of over 50 years in this specific sector consolidates a wide choice of captivating products both in shelf packaging and in workability and effect.

More and more people are discovering this passion not only creative, but above all exciting in the moment of gift giving.

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