Green Impressions

A gift must be well-presented by conveying the giver's or receiver's personality.
A symbolic act that must respect the environment and the used resources in line with the latest regulations and trends.

The entire Bolis SpA Collection complies with the regulations by producing semifinished and finished products that are completely recyclable

made of natural cellulose paper

and derived from natural raw materials, and thus compostable

The experience is here reinforced with the most distinctive products for a gift wrapping completely designed and produced in the company and spread around the world continuously for over 90 years.



Film obtained from renewable natural raw materials.


BOLISLIFE® is a world first.

BOLISLIFE® is biodegradable and compostable, water and dust proof.

BOLISLIFE® can be printed, overwritten, water-based coloured, laminated to different materials, embossed, ultrasonic welded and die-cut without restriction.

BOLISLIFE® is used for the production of decorative ribbons, raffia, bows, gift wraps, shopping bags, boxes, cases and florist items.

A touch of minimalism makes the product and its packaging even more distinctive by using materials that are equally compatible with the environment.

BOLISLIFE® is respect for life also for the world of gift wrapping!


A line of decorative ribbons specifically studied for the most natural environmental care.

This is the eco-friendly material 'par excellence' properly treated for ensuring stability, tactile sensation and subsequent workability.

This line includes star-bows, pull-bows and, it goes without saying, the decorative ribbon.


Bolis S.p.A. is founded in 1939 (beginning in 1927) by the intuition of producing labels, textile tapes and then foamed polypropylene films, decorative ribbons, bows, raphia, decorative gift paper and creativity shopper and strictly "Made in ltaly" production.

The production facilities are 4 and consist of 10 industrial plants, over 300 machineries on an area of over 30.000 m² employing about 60 people.

Thanks to the specific know-how that is constantly evolving both in terms of processes and manufacturing, Bolis produces more than 20.000 catalogue items with a degree of internationalization over 75%.

The company fully meets the needs of customers in the various markets both for quality, experience and product mix. Bolis is characterized by the global market for the strong trend in product and market innovation.


To invent and transmit to the market new decorative packaging solutions through the ribbons and gift wrapping paper in Packaging, Floral, Converters and Special Packaging industries.

Creativity, technology and tireless research into excellence and service

Bolis website offers a useful on line channel to quickly satisfy the client's supply needs.

The site allows the extended sales network to remain in full and efficient contact with company production and distribution services.

A guarantee of effective organization that contributes to the Bolis added value in service.

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