To invent and transmit to the market new decorative packaging solutions through the ribbons and gift wrapping paper in Packaging, Floral, Converters and Special Packaging industries.

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1939  The beginning

The company NASTRIFICIO ANGELO BOLIS S.p.A., or simply BOLIS S.p.A., was born from the intuition to produce textile ribbons and then polypropylene film, decorative ribbons, bows, raffia, gift wrapping paper and shoppers, all «Made in Italy».

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1970  Decorative Ribbon

Here it is the alternative to the classic rayon and textile ribbons: the Splendene® coming from a particular polypropylene foamed film with a specific know-how, continuously evolving in aesthetic treatments, in the processing development and in the packaging.

1970/1980   Evolution and markets

The worldwide diffusion of the decorative ribbons suggests innovative solutions in the product finishing.

It comes to life the Paper Synthetic with the matt and natural looking, the Biluxe and Reflex metallizations, the Duplus with a double shining layer and many others variants, as well as the automatic pull-bows Svelto®, Stop&Lock® and their derivatives.

1980  Chain Stores

First company in the world developing the gift wrapping decoration dedicated to the largescale retail trade and stores, after a long preparation began in the 1970s.

2002  Ricciolis®

A world first: self-curling polypropylene decorative ribbon.

Once made and attached to the package, it suddenly twists upon itself to effortlessly create the classic decorative effect.

2004  Raphia

The introduction of the specially developed lengthwise slit ribbon giving a more voluptuous look and creating a whole new generation of colour and functional decorative raffias.

2005  Wrapping paper

Inevitable synergy between creativity and market: the gift wrapping paper.

As a basic element in the gift wrapping industry, the Bolis Company is engaged in the implementation of a totally new factory in the province of Pordenone as a guarantee of an authentic «Made in Italy».

2010  Focus on Special Packaging

Conception and production development of semi-finished custom-made materials intended for the industrial applications of ribbons, bows and gift wrapping paper directly on client large series products.

2011/2015  Svelto®Shopper and ZipBag

The gift has also to be carried and ready for the emotions of the gift giving.

The Svelto®Shopper consists of a bag with a beautiful bow created when pulling the handle.

In this direction it is introduced also the ZipBag with a simple touch closing.

2017  Texly®

Semi-finished product coming from Bolis research project.

Texly® consists of a stratification of different materials and represents a new frontier in the high and mid-range decorative ribbon industry.

Light, lightness, resistance, workability and applications never conceived before are the key factors of this novelty. The main features are:

  • appearance of a new material with intermediate sensations between a textile and a compact ribbon, with incredible and refined multicolour glares to be seized in full sun light, spotlight or LED;

  • both physical and visual lightness with unique transparencies, new tactile sensations, high loops steadiness, double face;

  • significant longitudinal and lateral resistance, it doesn't fray, also waterproof;

  • thickness 150 microns +/-5%, weight 55 g/sqm +/-5%.


Resistant and environment friendly.

Made of natural renewable raw materials.


Respect for the environment is a concrete topic that unites everyone and BOLISLIFE® introduces an innovative generation of sustainable ribbons and decorative papers that are very respectful of the environment.

The film, basis of the corresponding ribbons, bows, stars, raffia, is obtained from natural raw materials with an exclusive production process and is an absolute novelty in the sector respecting the most important European regulations in this regard.

A touch of minimalism makes the product and its packaging even more distinctive by using materials that are equally compatible with the environment.

BOLISLIFE® is respect for life also for the world of gift wrapping!


2023/2024  Green Impressions

A gift must be well-presented by conveying the giver's or receiver's personality.

A symbolic act that must respect the environment and the used resources in line with the latest regulations and trends.

The entire Bolis SpA Collection complies with the regulations by producing semifinished and finished products that are:

completely recyclable

made of natural cellulose paper PaperMade

derived from natural raw materials, and thus compostable BOLISLIFE®

The experience is here reinforced with the most distinctive products for a gift wrapping completely designed and produced in the company and spread around the world continuously for over 90 years.

Over 20.000 catalogue items, 4 factories, 10 process plants, 300 machineries

The business is carried out in 4 production structures, 10 industrial plants on a total area of over 30.000 square metres, employing 60 people plus those involved in external logistics.

Thanks to more than 300 machineries and to the specific know-how that is continuously evolving both in the production process and in the packaging, Bolis produces more than 20.000 catalogue items, 75% of which are exported worldwide.

The company fully satisfies the customer needs in any market as for quality, experience, product mix and customized process certifications as well as in ethics and social compliances to worldwide standards as stated by EcoVadis®, FSC, PEFC audits and certifications.


FSC® and PEFC certified products available on request.

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